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Campaign Calendar



Feel free to add any locations you discover or hear about here. Use these pages as group notes to keep track of leads and future adventure sites…

Player Characters

New guys, if you want advice on Character creation, send me a message. For basic advice in picking a class, can’t go wrong with a Defender or Leader class, some ideas are presented here

Role Characters Characters Characters
Leader Aranith Dawn’s Herald – Wisdom (Laser) Cleric
Defender Bezo – Charisma Paladin Sib – Swordmage (Shielding) Galt – Dwarf, Durable (Tank) Fighter
Striker Furunculus Shrewdhawk – Halfling Rogue Qualinthus Quickbow – Archer Ranger
Controller Aelar Firebringer – Orb Wizard


Don’t see one you like, tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can come up with. If you want to worship one of the Baraduag or Primordials, you better have a good reason for working in concert with the rest of the PCs and why they might not decide to just kill you…

List of Gods

Survival Guide

Guys, feel free to add tips, tactics and specific knowledge here as you discover the wilds the dangers therein. This is largely a placeholder for now, but I will included a few Survival Tips from your DM

Tales of Valor

Placeholder again. Everyone, feel free to memorialize any encounters, events, heroics, tragedies or comedies in this space here…

Power Cards Template

Hey guys, I thought I would post the template I use to create my power cards. I make the cards in Microsoft Word and print them on Avery Clean Edge, Two-Side Printable, Business Cards (Item #5876) which you can purchase at OfficeMax or other such stores.

If you want more info head over to the tutorial page here

Upcoming Dates to game

Date Notes Players
October 29 Might need to start late ~9pm
October 30 Possible, might not work

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