The Northern Wastes

Expedition to Gilad Pendrad

Game Night – 10/08/2010

Having met up at the Scarlet Bard, a group of brave souls embarked to the rumored Dwarven mine, Gilad Pendrad. Aranith Dawn’s Herald – a human cleric of Anor, Furunculus Shrewdhawk – a halfling rouge, Bezo – a half elven paladin of Galad, Aelar Firebringer – a grey elven wizard, and Sib – a human sword mage, walked out the Northern gate of Highstead on the 2nd of Coldeven, 527 CY.

As evening fell on the night of the 3rd, and as they made their way across the Ringsiria River, the group found themselves ambushed by a group of ragtag humans and a pair of fierce guard drakes. Bezo bore the worst of the ambush as the two drakes pounced on him and struck him down before we could move. Restored to life by Dawn’s Herald, and joined by their companions that had crossed the river, the group was able to fight off the assailants. The human leader of the group fled the combat, but dropped some money and a letter as he ran. The letter made clear that some in Highstead wished to see the party meet with a foul end. The letter read…

The fools look to be carting around a good deal of wealth and quality gear. They have the look of soft city folk unused to the wilderness. Take some drakes and thugs with you and dispose of them along the north road. The crossing of the Ringsiria should make a good ambush point. — The note is signed with a stylized tree done in green ink.

Upon the morning of the 4th, the group had the Tor of Gilad Pendrad in sight. Frunc snuck up to the gates and ambushed a Goblin who had been in the bushes just South of the gates. Upon being attached, the Goblin raised the alarm, and the group charged into the Gates of the Tor. Archers from behind the gates fired into their ranks, and the valiant adventurers breached the inner chambers. Once inside, the group made short work of the remaining foes and secured the first level. In a locked room, the group found a scrawled note on a piece of cloth which said that entering the mine “was certain death”. Indeed, upon opening the rear gates of the Tor, the group found that the entrance to the old Dwarven mine was no longer sealed. Not wanting to guess at the foul things inside the mine, the group decided to head up the stairs to finish exploring the Tor.

The second floor stairs opened into a hallway with doors on three sides. When Sib kicked in one of the doors, Goblins came at the group from multiple directions. As the combatants filled into the tight corridors, Dawn’s Herald grasped his holy symbol and unleashed a mighty blast of divine light which seared the Goblins and bolstered his comrades. Emboldened by the might of Anor, his companions felled the last Goblin and explored the rest of the 2nd level. The group found a note on a table which read…

Balgron – No additional forces can be sent. Waste no more lives entering the mine, only attempt to clear the remainder of the tower if you can guarantee no more losses. You were foolish to attemnpt the mine before you secured your base, you shall not disappoint me again – Belig

(in a different hand) Die… By my hand

Also on the second floor, the group discovered a shrine to Moradin, god of the anvil, forger of life, and most loved of the Dwarves. The group noted with anger how the foul Goblins had defaced the likeness of the god. Swearing revenge on those who would gleefully sabotage the holy place of one of the Valenor, the group made their way up another set of stairs.

Coming to the 3rd floor, the group was greeted by an unexpected site. The twisted remains of some large metal statue lay at the top of the stairs, along with the bloody remains of a Goblin. Other than a pair of stairs leading up and three balconies with fantastic views of the surround landscape, the level was bare.

The group decided to split up while going up the stairs. Frunc lead the way as party scout, fleeting from shadow to shadow while making no more sound than a whisper. Bezo and Dawn’s Herald stood guard at one stairway as Sib and Aelar took the other. Frunc scouted around the 4th floor until he triggered a trap! Stone walls fell away to reveal strange stone statues brought to life. As the group struggled to deal with the stone constructs a foul wight slipped in from the shadows. This foul creature of undeath would attack the rear of the group and then fade back into shadows, only to strike again. Brave Sib took on the creature and locked its attention down with his fighter’s mark. A series of deadly spear traps in the floor of the room also managed to pierce Sib’s armor throughout the fight. Hanging onto the spark of life by but a single thread and blessed by the light of Anor, Sib was able to remain on his feet the entire battle. Finally, the group was able to fell the last foe and regroup. The group examine the body of the wight and wondered “Perhaps this was the last material remains of the mortal that had once been Balgron?”

Stairs going up to the 5th and top floor of the Tor yielded yet another unexpected find. A mysterious vessel, glowing with obvious Arcane power lay in the center of the room. The vessel had but a single large keyhole, but none of the keys the group had found would fit the hole. As the eager Frunc eyed the keyhole, the group noticed a pair of boot prints that had been charred into the very stone floor just in front of the key hold. Crumpled against the opposite wall was a decayed and burned body still wearing armor and weapons. Troubled by the obvious power of the vessel and by what appeared to be the remains of the last unfortunate soul to try and open it, the group wisely decided to leave it be and make their way back to Highstead.

On the way back, the group went over what they had learned and what they had experienced. The journey back to Highstead was made without incident and the party once again reached the warm and safe confines of the Scarlet Bard tavern on the 6th of Coldeven.

Dawn’s Herald made the following map of the Tor: here

-Aranith Dawn’s Herald – Devoted Disciple of Anor


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