Town of Highstead

The town of Highstead is an independent city (freehold) under the leadership of Lord Avenmarch. It is home to approximately 20,000 souls, mostly Human with a large minority of Dwarves as well. Other races such as Elves, Half-Elves and Halflings are present in small numbers. Other races are seen only seldom.

The primary industry is mining, with rich iron, stone and gem deposits in the hills to the south of the city. The town boasts several large and powerful guilds of Masonry, Metalworkers, and Jewelers. Additional industries are forestry and ranchers who raise hearty sheep valued for their meat and thick coats.

The city is sited on a steep sided plateau like hill and surrounded by a stout 40 foot stone wall. The highest point of the city is home to Avenmarch keep, the center of town government and military. The town guard is a serious outfit with seasoned veterans in charge of strong and well equipped troops. The guard maintains order in the city proper as well sending patrols out to the nearby countryside and escorting the larger trade caravans. The city can also call up militia forces in times of need.

The city wall is breached by four gates, one to the North, South, East and West. The Southern Gate is the largest and serves the Northway road. This road leads to the mines as well as serves as the main trade artery for exports. These exports head south in great caravans which return bearing food as well as the finer trappings of civilization brought up from the south.

The East and West Gates serve the Tradeway, a prominent road to other northern towns. Smaller caravans ply this route bringing specialties from city to city. This road also serves the local foresters, loggers and ranchers.

The North gate is almost entirely disused and stands closed unless passage is requested. As such the guard charges a silver piece per head tax to any persons requesting access via this gate, and any who use it are looked on with anything ranging from simple curiosity to mild suspicion. The road north has fallen into almost complete disuse and is weed choked and slowly being reclaimed by nature. Just inside the North Gate sits The Scarlet Bard Tavern.

In city is also home to several services as befits a town of this size. Inns and taverns are plentiful as are merchants and shops which can serve any mundane needs as well as provide any adventuring gear and military equipment. The town also holds several other smaller guilds, traders and professional ‘associations’. A small university with modest facilities, libraries and arcane resources is present although they largely concern themselves with the more historical and scholarly pursuits of magic as well as other more mundane affairs.

Locations in Highstead

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Town of Highstead

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