The Scarlet Bard

This large structure identified by a weather worn sign bearing a faded scarlet painted bard strumming a lute, has seen better days. It is a large old four story structure constructed of a stone foundation with the upper stories made of stout age darkened timber. The inn’s location adjacent to the North Gate accounts for the lack of traffic as the lands to the north are no longer settled by civilized folks and the roadway north is almost entirely unused these days. Instead the inn serves a small number of regulars with most visitors to the city preferring the inns located nearer to the main trade arteries of the city.

The floor plan of the structure is dominated by the large 1st story tap room which extends to a balcony and vaulted area that also encompasses half of the second story. The bar serves hearty food, wine, beer and stronger spirits for very reasonable prices as follows:

  • Common meal 1 sp
  • Expensive meal 3 sp
  • Feast 1 gp
  • Common ale pitcher 1 sp
  • Common wine bottle 2 sp
  • Honey Mead bottle 1 gp
  • Expensive wine 2 gp
  • Bottle of spirits 5 gp

Rooms are likewise very affordable as only the second story rooms tend to be occupied with the third story rooms renting out only on occasion. The large suites the comprise the fourth floor are all unoccupied and most in need of repairs and furnishing.

  • Common room 2 sp /night
  • Common room 1 gp /week
  • Common room + food & ale, 2gp / week
  • Large room, 5sp /night
  • Large room 2 gp /week
  • Large room + food & wine, 4gp / week

The Scarlet Bard did have a brief resurgence in years past when it was rumored to serve as the meeting place for several hearty souls who ventured into the wilds north of the city. They were reputed to have brought back both great wealth as well as fantastic tales. The group was reputed to have frequented a corner table near the main hearth where they mapped out their explorations on the table top. The table is long gone, but the legend persist and is the only thing that brings in an occasional curious new comer to the taproom.

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The Scarlet Bard

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