These instructions and sample documents are meant to be printed on the Avery Ivory Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards – Product #5876. Avery also makes the same exact business cards available in a pure white, instead of the ivory. I’m not sure if this has a different product number or not.


First, download the sample documents at the below locations. When the documents load in Google docs, they tend to not render correctly. So please ignore how they look in Google Docs and simply download them to your machine, and then open in Word.

Dawn’s Herald 1st level power cards here
Dawn’s Herald 1st level power card backs here
Dawn’s Herald 1st level effect cards here
Dawn’s Herald 1st level effect card backs here
Card Back Text Pics here
Effect Duration Icons here


I tried to make the colors of the cards match the colors used in the Player’s Handbook. For the effect cards, I just chose a blue color that seemed to fit in the same “theme” as the other colors. I’ve included the colors below, in case you need to specify them in Word. Note that the red color used for numbers is the same as the encounter red color.

Color RGB Values HSL Values HTML Values
At-Will Green 88, 141, 96 91, 59, 115 #588D60
Encoutner Red 128, 20, 46 245, 186, 74 #80142E
Daily Black 61, 63, 63 127, 4, 62 #3D3F3F
Effect Blue 88, 96, 141 163, 59, 115 #58608D
Power Cards

I’ve tried to make these card resemble the power listings in the Player’s Handbook as much as possible. Depending on the length of the power description or secondary effects, you may have to get creative with font sizes, you may have to simply omit the flavor text, etc. For example, on my “Healing Word” card, the last line simply states “Increase Healing at 6th level”. The full description in the Player’s Handbook (page 62) contains far more information, so please look at this card for an example.

The numbers in red text are taken from the Character Builder and they simply list your character’s current bonuses with whatever weapon is equipped. My cards say “Power”, but yours should say “Sword” or “Hammer” or “Orb” or whatever is appropriate for your guy.

Effect Cards

These cards are intended to be handed out, or placed in front of me, after I use a power which creates an effect that I’ll need to look at later. The symbol in the upper right hand corner symbolizes when the effect ceases. At the top of this page, you can download the EffectDuration.zip file. This zip file contains several icons I found that could be used in the upper-right corner. You’ll see that I’ve used some already in my cards, but feel free to use whichever icons make sense to you.

As for the picture in the lower right of the effect card, I made a little attempt at Anor and his holy symbol, which (if you have any effect cards) you will probably want to change. Whatever image you choose, you’ll want to make it have a transparent background and you’ll want to save it in an image format that supports transparency (I’d suggest PNG format). If anyone wants help making an image, please contact me. This image in Word is extremely finicky, so I’d suggest simply right-cliking on the image and choosing the “Change Picture” option. That is far easier than erasing the image and importing a new one.

Card Backs

For the backs of the cards, you’ll want to grab an image that represents your character. I got my image from the Player’s Handbook and then photoshopped it a bit. In any event, you’ll want an image that is 161 pixels wide and 310 pixels tall. Once your happy with your character’s image, save that file. Then make two copies of the image, one copy will be for the backs of your power cards, and the other will be for the backs of your effect cards.

At the top of this page, you can download the CardBackText.zip file. This zip file contains two images. The first image has the text for the back of power cards, and the second image has the text for the back of effect cards. Paste these images over your picture. I’d recommend approximately 3/4 of the way down the card, but you can look at my cards for an example.

After you paste the text onto your card backs, then you’ll want to take each image (power card back and effect card back) and rotate the images 90 degrees, counter clockwise. After rotating, save the images and you can paste them into the Word documents.



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