Overland Regions

Regions of the Northern Wastes

This Northern Wastes are a diverse and rugged area divided into many discrete terrains and features. Below are listed the major areas and regions that you have been made aware of, discovered or named on your own through your explorations.

The Golden Hills

The Golden Hills is the name of the highlands and rolling foothills in which the City of Highstead is located. So named for their mineral abundance the greatest finds and source of much of Highstead’s wealth and prosperity are located South of the City, though at one time the reaches to the North were mined as well, these areas are now beyond the reach of civilization.

Peneprie Forest

This Forest intrudes upon the Golden Hills and extends nearly 100 miles to the East. A lush and abundant forest land, the southern reaches of the forest provide a steady bounty of timber, forage, and hunting to the woodsmen that ply their trade therein.

Ringsiria River

This swift flowing river empties out of the Eastern extent of the Golden Hills and flows the length of Peneprie Forest before heading on to the South.

Moradin’s Cresent

This Mountain Range caps the northern extent of the Golden Hills where the rolling ground abruptly sharpens into these snow capped peaks. This range extends slightly less than 100 miles East to West but is significantly more narrow than it’s width, resembling a flattened crescent from which it’s name is derived.

Overland Regions

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