Campaign Calendar

Campaign Timeline

Coldeven 527 C.Y.

1st – Aranath Dawn’s Herald, Furunculus, Bezo ,Aelar & Sib arrive in Highstead
2nd – Group leaves for Galad Pendrad
4th – Group Arrives at Galad Pendrad & explores the tor
6th – Group arrives back in Highstead in the evening


Shamelessly borrowed / modified from the World of Greyhawk…

Month Name Season
1 Fireseek Winter
2 Readying Winter / Spring
3 Coldeven Spring
4 Planting Spring
5 Flocktime Spring / Low Summer
6 Wealsun Low Summer
Richfest (Midsummer)
7 Glorytide High Summer
8 Goodmonth High Summer / Autumn
9 Harvesting Autumn
10 Patchwall Autumn
11 Sunsebb Autumn / Winter
12 Frosttide Winter

Each month is 28 days long, and each festival is 7 days long


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