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  • Lord Avenmarch

    The independent lord of Highstead, the Avenmarch heredity dates back several hundred years. Originally a feudal lord on the northern frontiers of civilization, the Avenmarch dynasty has seen the ebb and flow of civilization in the north and has sworn …

  • Raeyn Lightbrow

    The aging high priest of Anor, Raeyn is a busy and important political figure in Highstead. Raeyn leads the well outfitted temple of Anor but due to his advancing age and status doesn't have a great deal of interaction with most visitors to the temple. …

  • Cyrus - Innkeeper

    Friendly and Robust Cyrus loves to talk and keep the ale mugs filled in his tavern. He offers reasonable fare for very affordable prices although the inn itself and it's furnishings are well worn with age.

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