The Northern Wastes

The Well of Demons Part 1 (and by 1 I mean 2)

The band of intrepid adventurers, having made their way to the Well of Demons for reasons that know one can remember because it’s been since February since the last time they gathered, continued their expedition into the area. Fortunately for them, none of the monsters in the area have decided to venture out of their designated areas in the last eight months.

Making their way South from the last battle, the group flings open a pair of doors to find 4 hyenas (level 2 skirmishers), 3 gnoll hunt masters (level 5 artillery), 1 gnoll blood caller, and a giant dire boar (level 6 brute). While Sierra blocked the main doorway while Sib headed down the hall to prevent the blood caller from surrounding the party and getting on the party’s squishies. The dire boar was apparently domesticated by these foul creatures, but despite the best attempts by the party to control the beast, it charged out of its cage, but was overwhelmed by the full firepower of the group. After dispatching the enemies, the group found 57 gold pieces and a Cloak of Resistance +2.

As the party rested after the battle, a horrible ghostly minatour shape appeared. It had apparently been torn to shreds from vicious claw marks running across its body. Letting out a guttural roar of pain and anguish, the apparition dissipated, leaving the party in peace once more.

Unsettled, but figuring that there is no reason to turn back, they traveled on to the East. Opening the door revealed a long hallway to the South with a pair of doors on the far wall. At the end of the hall, a lone gnoll archer fired on Frunc as he charged. Frunc only made it about half way when the doors on the far side flew open. Charging out came two gnoll skeletons, a gnoll demonic scourge (level 8 brute leader), and a lesser fire demon (level 8 skirmisher). Although Aelar was able to conjure Bigby’s icy hand, enclosing the fire demon in its fire-quenching grasp, the demon simply teleported out of the hold and repeatedly charged Frunc. Eventually, the party was able to dispatch the foes and found a set of Haunted Leather Armor +2, 82 gold pieces, and a golden necklace inlaid with sapphires that the party appraised at 500 gold.

The fire demon had appeared out of a foul chapel, complete with an alter formed of humanoid bones and a tome bound with black leather and silver runes resting on top. Aeler recognized it as the Book of Rath Unveiled – a treaty on the cult of Baphomet. Since this was one of the items that the party needed to gather, they put it in their pack and continued on.

Next, they arrived in a large chamber with a bloody trail running across the floor. As they looked, three ghostly figures appeared in front of them. First, a black bearded human dressed in chain mail, with a round charred hole in the middle of his chest, approached as said “Who are you to think that you can challenge this place?” Next, a stout dwarf in plate mail, whose helmeted head (thankfully covered) had been bashed in, stepped forward and said “Only the true of heart are worthy to challenge this chamber.” Last, a female elf dressed in flowing green robes and carrying a staff said “Only those who posses wits will succeed in this place”.

The figures tell the tale of how they ventured forth from Wayrest (where they were famed), slayed the red dragon Flametounge, eradicated a a vicious pack of Frost Giants in the mountains of Moradin’s Crescent, before heading under the mountains to this place. However, Dawn’s Herald’s divine intuition saw that the figures had exaggerated the fame they had gained in Wayrest, and instead were trying to assertain the party’s motives for coming to this place. Following a conversation ranging from impressing the Elf magician with their knowledge of Arcane matters to Sierra attempting acrobatic stunts that led to her falling on her head, the ghosts appeared to be satisfied. Prior to leaving, the Dwarven figure looked at Dawn’s Herald and pointed to a particular set of doors. Within those doors, Dawn’s Herald found a Sun Disk of Anor +2. The party waited an hour and spent 25 gold to transfer the Astral enchantment to Dawn’s Herald’s new symbol.


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