The Northern Wastes

Pursuit of the Blood Reavers

Following up on information gathered from the prisoners found in the valley of the caves a brave band of adventurous set out on the treacherous North Road out of Highstead. The familiar companions Qualinthus, Aelar, Frunk, Sib and Dawn’s Herald were not expecting the discoveries that they would soon stumble upon.

Shortly before reaching the valley of caves, the band discovered a rough pass heading off to the West. Striking out into uncharted territory, they following the road as it meandered along the southern reaches of Moradin’s Cresent. Around the middle of the fourth day, the road sharply turned to the North and ran up into the mountains. To the west of the road yawned a great wide valley cut by a mountain fed river. As the companions neared the end of the fourth day, they came upon a group of the foul Blood Reaver slavers. Easily dispatching the hobgoblins, the companions settled down for the night.

Little did the party expect that as dawn greeted them on the morning of the fifth day, this would be the last sunrise they would witness for quite some time. Continuing to the North, they discovered a cave opening at the termination of the road and bravely ventured into the dark.

A confusing and expansive labyrinth awaited them. At first, expecting to explore the entirety of the tunnel system, the companions ignored the strange markings with seven dots and set off. It is only by great fortune that the party did not become lost among the twisting and disorienting tunnels. Yet somehow the light of Anor shown the true path back to the original route, and the party wisely decided to follow the strange markings.

At long last the tunnels opened to a wide well maintained underground highway. To the left, the party recognized markings leading to the Underdark, and chose to head the opposite direction, eventually discovering a set of double doors. Opening the doors, they came upon another group of foul Blood Reavers holding captive a halfling named Rendell Halfmoon. Rendell was extremely grateful to his rescuers and offered to compensate them for escorting back to his home.

The meaning of the strange seven dotted markings became clear as Rendell lead the companions to a great underground city known as the “Seven Pillared Hall”. Rendell’s family, as owners and proprietors of the Half Moon Inn, offered free room and board to the party, and Rendell informed the companions that the Blood Reaver hideout was a location known as the “Chamber of Eyes”. After exploring town, and nearly having an unfortunate encounter with Bruug (enforcer for the Mages of Saruun, who run things in the hall), the companions set out to the Chamber of Eyes.


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