The Northern Wastes

Investigation of Sheep Herder Raids

Game Night 10/29/2010

Early in the morning of the 8th day of Coldeven, the band of adventures head out the West gate of Highstead. On this day, three veterans of the expidition to Gilad Pendrad, Dawn’s Herald, Frunk, and Sib are joined by two new hearty souls: Qualinthus Quickbow, an elven ranger, and Galt Freehammer, a stout dwarven fighter. The group draws the strange glances of normal folk as the head out the busy West gate. They pass several caravans and traders on the West road, but are left to themselves as they head three days west of Highstead. On the fourth day, after crossing a bridge, the band sees a sign for the Red Rock Ranch, and breaks off the road to the North.

Upon making their way to Red Rock Ranch, the group meets Byron Townsen, owner and proprietor. Byron confirms the reports of the raids on his sheep herds, and wishes the group good fortune. The adventures head North to one of the most remote herds and make camp close to the heard. The group keeps a fire at night and sets a watch for any foul creatures. Three nights pass uneventfully, but all that changes on the fourth night.

In the middle of the night, the group was awoken by noise as creatures starting lobbing balls of fire into the middle of the sheep herd. The loud noises and flash of fire started the sheep scattering into the night, and once separated the sheep were grabbed by darting Kobolds. The group rushed out to meet the monsters in combat and starting killing the foul creatures. The last kobold standing began running away in terror. The band hunted him down and subdued him. Once tied up, the Kobold, with a little encouragement from Frunk, told the group all he knew.

The Kobold was only a grunt and did what he was told. The band of Kobolds would raid the herd and bring the captured sheep North into the woods. There, in the woods, is where the Kobolds called home. This is also where the Kobolds would bring the sheep, and hand them over to a Kobold shaman. When pressed further, the Kobold reported that the shaman would take the sheep even farther to the North and give them to the “Great Scaly One”. The Great Scaly One lives to the north of the forest, in a swamp to the North of a lake. He is reported as being a very large flying creature covered in black scales. The group asked what the great scaly one does with the sheep, and the Kobold replied that he eats them…

In the morning, the group found the path used by the Kobolds and followed it North into the woods. After half a days march, the group came upon a clearing covered with large spider webs. In the clearing the group was ambushed by large woodland spiders as a pair of Kobold archers fired arrows from behind a fallen tree. The valiant group was able to dispatch the foes and continued further North.

As night fell, the group found the Kobolds home, an old abandoned castle that barely stood taller than the weeds surrounding it. As the group made their way up to the castle, Kobolds charged out from the ruins. The Kobold shaman remained in the ruins and started casting foul black spells on the group. However, the group prevailed in its fight and was able to explore the ruins. Finding a stair case leading down to the old castle basement, the group headed down.

The stairs led to door flanked by statues of arcane figures wrapped in cloaks. This appeared to be a place rarely, if ever, visited by the Kobolds. As the group forced open the door, they were confronted by foul creatures of undeath. In the center of the undead, rose a floating skeletal figure wreathed in black smoke and rags. This foul figure cast an aura of protection which deflected the blows of the brave warriors. In the middle of the fight, valiant Sib was grabbed by an undead monster and dragged away into an adjoining room. As Sib prevailed in his own battle, the rest of the group was finally able to sent the creatures into a restful afterlife, where they would no longer interfere with the living.

The group pondered the significance of the undead. Perhaps they were the remnants of the last inhabitants of this castle? What fate had befallen them? Why had they not made their way into death peacefully? Not willing to pursue the “great scaly one”, the group decided to head back to Red Rock Ranch and then to Highstead.


Nortius_Maximus rsawatzky

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