The Northern Wastes

Horned Hold

The quirky and nervous Gendar (of Gendar’s Curiousoties & Relics) commissioned the party to retrieve a lost scepter. The scepter had been being delivered by some of Gendar’s agents when they were ambushed in the Horned Hold, which is a Duruggar stronghold. The coincidence of looking for a Duruggar settlement and the recent discovery of a connection between the Grimmerzhul Trading Post and the Blood Reaver slavers, led the party to set out to the trading post.

Inside the trading post, the party was greeted by a ornery deep dwarf. A heated exchange of words quickly devolved into a physical confrontation. 2 Duruggar Guards, a Duruggar Raid Leader, 2 Orc Raiders, and an Orc Archer surrounded and attacked the group. Who knows what loathsome pacts the despicable Dwarves had made with dark forces, because they were joined by a repulsive Imp. Even with the help of a devil servant, the Dwarves could not prevail over the companion’s pure hearts. After dispatching the creatures in the trading post, the adventurers discovered a crudely drawn map, which shows the way to the horned hold (in addition to other destinations).



Nortius_Maximus rsawatzky

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