The Northern Wastes

Chamber of Eyes

Heading out the Seven Pillared Hall via the Dragon Door, the companions made there way through the twisting tunnels of the labyrinth, and eventually found the Chamber of Eyes. Charging into the outlying rooms of the chamber, the companions discovered 4 Goblin Skull Cleavers and a Bugbear. Dispatching the guards the party continued to explore the reaches of the chamber.

The party discovered a strange pool surrounding a bizarre statue of a half woman half serpent, but they could not fathom more information about the strange figure.

Continuing on, the party surprised a group of Goblins in the midst of their meal. 3 Hobgoblin Soldiers, 2 Goblin Sharpshooters, and a Bugbear Strangler were quickly dispatched by the brave adventurers.

Finally the party discovered a wide set of double doors. Charging through the doors, the companions were immersed into a fight for their lives as a disturbing toad aspect of Taurug (the king that crawls) gazed down upon the melee. A fearsome dire wolf charged the party as two Hobgoblin Archers rained arrows down from above. Fortunately, the brave warriors slaughtered the wolf as a Hobgoblin Chief named Krand charged in with reinforcements. Accompanied by a dark Warcaster and 2 Duruggar Guards, the tide of battle began to turn against the brave heroes. Despite being under miles of solid rock, the true faith of the party invoked the grace of Anor and His glorious light bathed the companions with a protective ward. Deflecting the foul attacks from the creatures of shadow, Anor’s divine light lead the companions to eventual triumph over their foes.

On the Krand’s body, the party discovered a slaving contract signed by Murklemor Grimmerzhul. The “Grimmerzhul” name struck the companions as familiar as the same family run a trading post in the Seven Pillared Hall.

Exhausted and needing recovery, the party chose to barricade themselves in Krand’s quarters and rest for the night. Perhaps they would have fared better seeking rest elsewhere, for their dreams were tortured by dark visions. Upon waking, no one could remember the full details of these visions, but general impressions remained of some horribly vast and grotesque subterranean creature trapped beneath the ground. As it slithered or squirmed beneath them, the pure malice and hatred it directed towards the companion’s mind would have shriveled the hearts of normal men. In the morning, the group hastened from the foul chamber and returned to the Seven Pillared Hall.


Nortius_Maximus rsawatzky

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