The Northern Wastes

2nd Trip to Valley of Caves

Game Night 01/21/2011

On the 4th day of Growfest, an group of brave souls ventured out the Northern gate of Highstead and followed their old path to the valley of caves. Qualinthus, Aelar, Frunk, Sib and Dawn’s Herald set out for adventure. Once more they camped just West of the valley and made their way to the valley as the sun crested the Eastern wall. Frustrated by the door they could not open on their last trip, the group decided to go into a cave entrance above the two they had already explored.

They encountered a door just 20 feet into the cave. Opening the door, they came upon a large room with four pillars. In this room, the group was attacked by a group of Hobgoblins: 3 Hobgoblin Soldiers and 2 Hobgoblin Archers. After dealing with this threat, the group found two small store rooms filled with rank food, soiled beds, and spoiled beer.

The adventurers followed a 160 foot corridor to the South, the group found a door which had been barred from opening. Removing the obstruction and opening the door, the group discovered this was the door they had failed to open on their last trip.

Doubling back down the corridor, the group opened a door about halfway down the hall. Heading down two sets of stairs, the group opened a door upon a horrifying torture chamber. A 10 by 10 foot glowing pile of red hot embers occupied the center of the room, next to a table. In the corner of the room was a table rack. The group found a massive Hobgoblin in torture garb, two Goblin Sentries, and a fearsome Krenchar. After dismissing these foes, the group found a row of prison cells, and in one cell was a beat up male human. He indicated that he was one of a group of miners that was ambushed by the Hobgoblins. He had been tortured and overheard his captors discussing how much money they would get for selling him to a group known as the Blood Reavers.

The adventurers headed back to the entrance room, and followed the path to the West. Heading down a set of stairs, the group happened upon a large common room filled with 2 Goblin Sharpshooters, 6 Hobgoblin Grunts, and 1 Hobgoblin Blade Bearer.

Afterward, the group followed a hall which lead North from the entrance room. This hallway lead to a door which opened into a large two chamber area with a large chair situated in the back chamber. This room contained the group’s toughest challenge: 1 Bugbear Warrior, 1 Hobgoblin Commander, 2 Hobgoblin Soldiers, and 2 Hobgoblin Archers. A bloody struggle ensued, in which the divine blessing of Anor magically deflected 70 hit points of damage from Dawn’s Heralds companions. Finally the tide of battle turned in favor of the forces of light, and the group sent the last of their foes to death. The group found a room of beds, another room of supplies, and a back room with a large bed, table, and a filthy Human female chained in restraints. The party freed the Human and she provided some information about the Blood Reavers.

The group, along with both rescued Humans, returned to Highstead as night fell on the 3rd day of Planting.


Nortius_Maximus rsawatzky

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