The Northern Wastes

1st Trip to Valley of Caves

Game Night 12/10/2010

As the Eastern sun returned the divine light of Anor to the town of Highstead on the 24th day of Coldeven, a group in intrepid adventures made their way out the little used Northern city gate. Bezo, Aelar, Qualinthus, Dawn’s Herald, and Sib followed the old North road out of the city for two days. On the third day, after a 5 mile march, the group came upon the fringes of the Peneprie forest and left the road to follow the forest edge to the North. As dusk was falling, the adventurers reached the valley of caves. Having heard tale of the valley being filled with foul humanoids at night, the group hiked a couple miles to the West and made camp.

Once Anor’s light shown upon the valley once more, the group returned on the 27th. Nestled in the foothills of Moradin’s Crescent, the valley is 200 feet wide at the mouth, extends 300 to 400 feet deep, and is lined by 100 feet high walls. Taking stock of what they saw, the group decided to head to the closest cave they could see, which was on the West side of the valley about 125 feet in.

The cave entrance split into a path leading North and a path leading South. The Southern pass turned further into the cave wall and ramped up, so the group decided to head North. The Northern route opened into a large cave opening where the group met a motley collection of Goblins. As they engaged the Goblins in battle, a great Dire Wolf charged out of an opening to the North, yet the stalwart band was able to dispatch their foes.

Heading further to the North, the group discovered the den of the Dire Wolf and another cave entrance from the valley. The group followed a twisting hall around the Dire Wolf den which opened into a large common room filled with Goblin rabble. After sending the Goblins to serve their foul gods in death, the group opened a door to the North. Inside, the group discovered more Goblins and a throne room. The creatures were killed, and there were no more doors or passages from the North, so the group headed back to the Southern passage.

Making their way up the ramp, the adventurers found and opened a door. This door opened to a large room with Goblins and two Hobgoblins. After vanquishing their foes, the adventurers discovered a door which they were unable to open. Picking, bashing, and forcing the door had no affect at all. Tiring after their many encounters, and with the day drawing to an end, the group decided to leave the caves and head back to Highstead. On the 2nd day of Growfest, the adventurers returned to Highstead.


Nortius_Maximus rsawatzky

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