The Northern Wastes

The Well of Demons Part 1 (and by 1 I mean 2)

The band of intrepid adventurers, having made their way to the Well of Demons for reasons that know one can remember because it’s been since February since the last time they gathered, continued their expedition into the area. Fortunately for them, none of the monsters in the area have decided to venture out of their designated areas in the last eight months.

Making their way South from the last battle, the group flings open a pair of doors to find 4 hyenas (level 2 skirmishers), 3 gnoll hunt masters (level 5 artillery), 1 gnoll blood caller, and a giant dire boar (level 6 brute). While Sierra blocked the main doorway while Sib headed down the hall to prevent the blood caller from surrounding the party and getting on the party’s squishies. The dire boar was apparently domesticated by these foul creatures, but despite the best attempts by the party to control the beast, it charged out of its cage, but was overwhelmed by the full firepower of the group. After dispatching the enemies, the group found 57 gold pieces and a Cloak of Resistance +2.

As the party rested after the battle, a horrible ghostly minatour shape appeared. It had apparently been torn to shreds from vicious claw marks running across its body. Letting out a guttural roar of pain and anguish, the apparition dissipated, leaving the party in peace once more.

Unsettled, but figuring that there is no reason to turn back, they traveled on to the East. Opening the door revealed a long hallway to the South with a pair of doors on the far wall. At the end of the hall, a lone gnoll archer fired on Frunc as he charged. Frunc only made it about half way when the doors on the far side flew open. Charging out came two gnoll skeletons, a gnoll demonic scourge (level 8 brute leader), and a lesser fire demon (level 8 skirmisher). Although Aelar was able to conjure Bigby’s icy hand, enclosing the fire demon in its fire-quenching grasp, the demon simply teleported out of the hold and repeatedly charged Frunc. Eventually, the party was able to dispatch the foes and found a set of Haunted Leather Armor +2, 82 gold pieces, and a golden necklace inlaid with sapphires that the party appraised at 500 gold.

The fire demon had appeared out of a foul chapel, complete with an alter formed of humanoid bones and a tome bound with black leather and silver runes resting on top. Aeler recognized it as the Book of Rath Unveiled – a treaty on the cult of Baphomet. Since this was one of the items that the party needed to gather, they put it in their pack and continued on.

Next, they arrived in a large chamber with a bloody trail running across the floor. As they looked, three ghostly figures appeared in front of them. First, a black bearded human dressed in chain mail, with a round charred hole in the middle of his chest, approached as said “Who are you to think that you can challenge this place?” Next, a stout dwarf in plate mail, whose helmeted head (thankfully covered) had been bashed in, stepped forward and said “Only the true of heart are worthy to challenge this chamber.” Last, a female elf dressed in flowing green robes and carrying a staff said “Only those who posses wits will succeed in this place”.

The figures tell the tale of how they ventured forth from Wayrest (where they were famed), slayed the red dragon Flametounge, eradicated a a vicious pack of Frost Giants in the mountains of Moradin’s Crescent, before heading under the mountains to this place. However, Dawn’s Herald’s divine intuition saw that the figures had exaggerated the fame they had gained in Wayrest, and instead were trying to assertain the party’s motives for coming to this place. Following a conversation ranging from impressing the Elf magician with their knowledge of Arcane matters to Sierra attempting acrobatic stunts that led to her falling on her head, the ghosts appeared to be satisfied. Prior to leaving, the Dwarven figure looked at Dawn’s Herald and pointed to a particular set of doors. Within those doors, Dawn’s Herald found a Sun Disk of Anor +2. The party waited an hour and spent 25 gold to transfer the Astral enchantment to Dawn’s Herald’s new symbol.

Horned Hold

The quirky and nervous Gendar (of Gendar’s Curiousoties & Relics) commissioned the party to retrieve a lost scepter. The scepter had been being delivered by some of Gendar’s agents when they were ambushed in the Horned Hold, which is a Duruggar stronghold. The coincidence of looking for a Duruggar settlement and the recent discovery of a connection between the Grimmerzhul Trading Post and the Blood Reaver slavers, led the party to set out to the trading post.

Inside the trading post, the party was greeted by a ornery deep dwarf. A heated exchange of words quickly devolved into a physical confrontation. 2 Duruggar Guards, a Duruggar Raid Leader, 2 Orc Raiders, and an Orc Archer surrounded and attacked the group. Who knows what loathsome pacts the despicable Dwarves had made with dark forces, because they were joined by a repulsive Imp. Even with the help of a devil servant, the Dwarves could not prevail over the companion’s pure hearts. After dispatching the creatures in the trading post, the adventurers discovered a crudely drawn map, which shows the way to the horned hold (in addition to other destinations).


Chamber of Eyes

Heading out the Seven Pillared Hall via the Dragon Door, the companions made there way through the twisting tunnels of the labyrinth, and eventually found the Chamber of Eyes. Charging into the outlying rooms of the chamber, the companions discovered 4 Goblin Skull Cleavers and a Bugbear. Dispatching the guards the party continued to explore the reaches of the chamber.

The party discovered a strange pool surrounding a bizarre statue of a half woman half serpent, but they could not fathom more information about the strange figure.

Continuing on, the party surprised a group of Goblins in the midst of their meal. 3 Hobgoblin Soldiers, 2 Goblin Sharpshooters, and a Bugbear Strangler were quickly dispatched by the brave adventurers.

Finally the party discovered a wide set of double doors. Charging through the doors, the companions were immersed into a fight for their lives as a disturbing toad aspect of Taurug (the king that crawls) gazed down upon the melee. A fearsome dire wolf charged the party as two Hobgoblin Archers rained arrows down from above. Fortunately, the brave warriors slaughtered the wolf as a Hobgoblin Chief named Krand charged in with reinforcements. Accompanied by a dark Warcaster and 2 Duruggar Guards, the tide of battle began to turn against the brave heroes. Despite being under miles of solid rock, the true faith of the party invoked the grace of Anor and His glorious light bathed the companions with a protective ward. Deflecting the foul attacks from the creatures of shadow, Anor’s divine light lead the companions to eventual triumph over their foes.

On the Krand’s body, the party discovered a slaving contract signed by Murklemor Grimmerzhul. The “Grimmerzhul” name struck the companions as familiar as the same family run a trading post in the Seven Pillared Hall.

Exhausted and needing recovery, the party chose to barricade themselves in Krand’s quarters and rest for the night. Perhaps they would have fared better seeking rest elsewhere, for their dreams were tortured by dark visions. Upon waking, no one could remember the full details of these visions, but general impressions remained of some horribly vast and grotesque subterranean creature trapped beneath the ground. As it slithered or squirmed beneath them, the pure malice and hatred it directed towards the companion’s mind would have shriveled the hearts of normal men. In the morning, the group hastened from the foul chamber and returned to the Seven Pillared Hall.

Pursuit of the Blood Reavers

Following up on information gathered from the prisoners found in the valley of the caves a brave band of adventurous set out on the treacherous North Road out of Highstead. The familiar companions Qualinthus, Aelar, Frunk, Sib and Dawn’s Herald were not expecting the discoveries that they would soon stumble upon.

Shortly before reaching the valley of caves, the band discovered a rough pass heading off to the West. Striking out into uncharted territory, they following the road as it meandered along the southern reaches of Moradin’s Cresent. Around the middle of the fourth day, the road sharply turned to the North and ran up into the mountains. To the west of the road yawned a great wide valley cut by a mountain fed river. As the companions neared the end of the fourth day, they came upon a group of the foul Blood Reaver slavers. Easily dispatching the hobgoblins, the companions settled down for the night.

Little did the party expect that as dawn greeted them on the morning of the fifth day, this would be the last sunrise they would witness for quite some time. Continuing to the North, they discovered a cave opening at the termination of the road and bravely ventured into the dark.

A confusing and expansive labyrinth awaited them. At first, expecting to explore the entirety of the tunnel system, the companions ignored the strange markings with seven dots and set off. It is only by great fortune that the party did not become lost among the twisting and disorienting tunnels. Yet somehow the light of Anor shown the true path back to the original route, and the party wisely decided to follow the strange markings.

At long last the tunnels opened to a wide well maintained underground highway. To the left, the party recognized markings leading to the Underdark, and chose to head the opposite direction, eventually discovering a set of double doors. Opening the doors, they came upon another group of foul Blood Reavers holding captive a halfling named Rendell Halfmoon. Rendell was extremely grateful to his rescuers and offered to compensate them for escorting back to his home.

The meaning of the strange seven dotted markings became clear as Rendell lead the companions to a great underground city known as the “Seven Pillared Hall”. Rendell’s family, as owners and proprietors of the Half Moon Inn, offered free room and board to the party, and Rendell informed the companions that the Blood Reaver hideout was a location known as the “Chamber of Eyes”. After exploring town, and nearly having an unfortunate encounter with Bruug (enforcer for the Mages of Saruun, who run things in the hall), the companions set out to the Chamber of Eyes.

2nd Trip to Valley of Caves

Game Night 01/21/2011

On the 4th day of Growfest, an group of brave souls ventured out the Northern gate of Highstead and followed their old path to the valley of caves. Qualinthus, Aelar, Frunk, Sib and Dawn’s Herald set out for adventure. Once more they camped just West of the valley and made their way to the valley as the sun crested the Eastern wall. Frustrated by the door they could not open on their last trip, the group decided to go into a cave entrance above the two they had already explored.

They encountered a door just 20 feet into the cave. Opening the door, they came upon a large room with four pillars. In this room, the group was attacked by a group of Hobgoblins: 3 Hobgoblin Soldiers and 2 Hobgoblin Archers. After dealing with this threat, the group found two small store rooms filled with rank food, soiled beds, and spoiled beer.

The adventurers followed a 160 foot corridor to the South, the group found a door which had been barred from opening. Removing the obstruction and opening the door, the group discovered this was the door they had failed to open on their last trip.

Doubling back down the corridor, the group opened a door about halfway down the hall. Heading down two sets of stairs, the group opened a door upon a horrifying torture chamber. A 10 by 10 foot glowing pile of red hot embers occupied the center of the room, next to a table. In the corner of the room was a table rack. The group found a massive Hobgoblin in torture garb, two Goblin Sentries, and a fearsome Krenchar. After dismissing these foes, the group found a row of prison cells, and in one cell was a beat up male human. He indicated that he was one of a group of miners that was ambushed by the Hobgoblins. He had been tortured and overheard his captors discussing how much money they would get for selling him to a group known as the Blood Reavers.

The adventurers headed back to the entrance room, and followed the path to the West. Heading down a set of stairs, the group happened upon a large common room filled with 2 Goblin Sharpshooters, 6 Hobgoblin Grunts, and 1 Hobgoblin Blade Bearer.

Afterward, the group followed a hall which lead North from the entrance room. This hallway lead to a door which opened into a large two chamber area with a large chair situated in the back chamber. This room contained the group’s toughest challenge: 1 Bugbear Warrior, 1 Hobgoblin Commander, 2 Hobgoblin Soldiers, and 2 Hobgoblin Archers. A bloody struggle ensued, in which the divine blessing of Anor magically deflected 70 hit points of damage from Dawn’s Heralds companions. Finally the tide of battle turned in favor of the forces of light, and the group sent the last of their foes to death. The group found a room of beds, another room of supplies, and a back room with a large bed, table, and a filthy Human female chained in restraints. The party freed the Human and she provided some information about the Blood Reavers.

The group, along with both rescued Humans, returned to Highstead as night fell on the 3rd day of Planting.

1st Trip to Valley of Caves

Game Night 12/10/2010

As the Eastern sun returned the divine light of Anor to the town of Highstead on the 24th day of Coldeven, a group in intrepid adventures made their way out the little used Northern city gate. Bezo, Aelar, Qualinthus, Dawn’s Herald, and Sib followed the old North road out of the city for two days. On the third day, after a 5 mile march, the group came upon the fringes of the Peneprie forest and left the road to follow the forest edge to the North. As dusk was falling, the adventurers reached the valley of caves. Having heard tale of the valley being filled with foul humanoids at night, the group hiked a couple miles to the West and made camp.

Once Anor’s light shown upon the valley once more, the group returned on the 27th. Nestled in the foothills of Moradin’s Crescent, the valley is 200 feet wide at the mouth, extends 300 to 400 feet deep, and is lined by 100 feet high walls. Taking stock of what they saw, the group decided to head to the closest cave they could see, which was on the West side of the valley about 125 feet in.

The cave entrance split into a path leading North and a path leading South. The Southern pass turned further into the cave wall and ramped up, so the group decided to head North. The Northern route opened into a large cave opening where the group met a motley collection of Goblins. As they engaged the Goblins in battle, a great Dire Wolf charged out of an opening to the North, yet the stalwart band was able to dispatch their foes.

Heading further to the North, the group discovered the den of the Dire Wolf and another cave entrance from the valley. The group followed a twisting hall around the Dire Wolf den which opened into a large common room filled with Goblin rabble. After sending the Goblins to serve their foul gods in death, the group opened a door to the North. Inside, the group discovered more Goblins and a throne room. The creatures were killed, and there were no more doors or passages from the North, so the group headed back to the Southern passage.

Making their way up the ramp, the adventurers found and opened a door. This door opened to a large room with Goblins and two Hobgoblins. After vanquishing their foes, the adventurers discovered a door which they were unable to open. Picking, bashing, and forcing the door had no affect at all. Tiring after their many encounters, and with the day drawing to an end, the group decided to leave the caves and head back to Highstead. On the 2nd day of Growfest, the adventurers returned to Highstead.

Investigation of Sheep Herder Raids

Game Night 10/29/2010

Early in the morning of the 8th day of Coldeven, the band of adventures head out the West gate of Highstead. On this day, three veterans of the expidition to Gilad Pendrad, Dawn’s Herald, Frunk, and Sib are joined by two new hearty souls: Qualinthus Quickbow, an elven ranger, and Galt Freehammer, a stout dwarven fighter. The group draws the strange glances of normal folk as the head out the busy West gate. They pass several caravans and traders on the West road, but are left to themselves as they head three days west of Highstead. On the fourth day, after crossing a bridge, the band sees a sign for the Red Rock Ranch, and breaks off the road to the North.

Upon making their way to Red Rock Ranch, the group meets Byron Townsen, owner and proprietor. Byron confirms the reports of the raids on his sheep herds, and wishes the group good fortune. The adventures head North to one of the most remote herds and make camp close to the heard. The group keeps a fire at night and sets a watch for any foul creatures. Three nights pass uneventfully, but all that changes on the fourth night.

In the middle of the night, the group was awoken by noise as creatures starting lobbing balls of fire into the middle of the sheep herd. The loud noises and flash of fire started the sheep scattering into the night, and once separated the sheep were grabbed by darting Kobolds. The group rushed out to meet the monsters in combat and starting killing the foul creatures. The last kobold standing began running away in terror. The band hunted him down and subdued him. Once tied up, the Kobold, with a little encouragement from Frunk, told the group all he knew.

The Kobold was only a grunt and did what he was told. The band of Kobolds would raid the herd and bring the captured sheep North into the woods. There, in the woods, is where the Kobolds called home. This is also where the Kobolds would bring the sheep, and hand them over to a Kobold shaman. When pressed further, the Kobold reported that the shaman would take the sheep even farther to the North and give them to the “Great Scaly One”. The Great Scaly One lives to the north of the forest, in a swamp to the North of a lake. He is reported as being a very large flying creature covered in black scales. The group asked what the great scaly one does with the sheep, and the Kobold replied that he eats them…

In the morning, the group found the path used by the Kobolds and followed it North into the woods. After half a days march, the group came upon a clearing covered with large spider webs. In the clearing the group was ambushed by large woodland spiders as a pair of Kobold archers fired arrows from behind a fallen tree. The valiant group was able to dispatch the foes and continued further North.

As night fell, the group found the Kobolds home, an old abandoned castle that barely stood taller than the weeds surrounding it. As the group made their way up to the castle, Kobolds charged out from the ruins. The Kobold shaman remained in the ruins and started casting foul black spells on the group. However, the group prevailed in its fight and was able to explore the ruins. Finding a stair case leading down to the old castle basement, the group headed down.

The stairs led to door flanked by statues of arcane figures wrapped in cloaks. This appeared to be a place rarely, if ever, visited by the Kobolds. As the group forced open the door, they were confronted by foul creatures of undeath. In the center of the undead, rose a floating skeletal figure wreathed in black smoke and rags. This foul figure cast an aura of protection which deflected the blows of the brave warriors. In the middle of the fight, valiant Sib was grabbed by an undead monster and dragged away into an adjoining room. As Sib prevailed in his own battle, the rest of the group was finally able to sent the creatures into a restful afterlife, where they would no longer interfere with the living.

The group pondered the significance of the undead. Perhaps they were the remnants of the last inhabitants of this castle? What fate had befallen them? Why had they not made their way into death peacefully? Not willing to pursue the “great scaly one”, the group decided to head back to Red Rock Ranch and then to Highstead.

Expedition to Gilad Pendrad

Game Night – 10/08/2010

Having met up at the Scarlet Bard, a group of brave souls embarked to the rumored Dwarven mine, Gilad Pendrad. Aranith Dawn’s Herald – a human cleric of Anor, Furunculus Shrewdhawk – a halfling rouge, Bezo – a half elven paladin of Galad, Aelar Firebringer – a grey elven wizard, and Sib – a human sword mage, walked out the Northern gate of Highstead on the 2nd of Coldeven, 527 CY.

As evening fell on the night of the 3rd, and as they made their way across the Ringsiria River, the group found themselves ambushed by a group of ragtag humans and a pair of fierce guard drakes. Bezo bore the worst of the ambush as the two drakes pounced on him and struck him down before we could move. Restored to life by Dawn’s Herald, and joined by their companions that had crossed the river, the group was able to fight off the assailants. The human leader of the group fled the combat, but dropped some money and a letter as he ran. The letter made clear that some in Highstead wished to see the party meet with a foul end. The letter read…

The fools look to be carting around a good deal of wealth and quality gear. They have the look of soft city folk unused to the wilderness. Take some drakes and thugs with you and dispose of them along the north road. The crossing of the Ringsiria should make a good ambush point. — The note is signed with a stylized tree done in green ink.

Upon the morning of the 4th, the group had the Tor of Gilad Pendrad in sight. Frunc snuck up to the gates and ambushed a Goblin who had been in the bushes just South of the gates. Upon being attached, the Goblin raised the alarm, and the group charged into the Gates of the Tor. Archers from behind the gates fired into their ranks, and the valiant adventurers breached the inner chambers. Once inside, the group made short work of the remaining foes and secured the first level. In a locked room, the group found a scrawled note on a piece of cloth which said that entering the mine “was certain death”. Indeed, upon opening the rear gates of the Tor, the group found that the entrance to the old Dwarven mine was no longer sealed. Not wanting to guess at the foul things inside the mine, the group decided to head up the stairs to finish exploring the Tor.

The second floor stairs opened into a hallway with doors on three sides. When Sib kicked in one of the doors, Goblins came at the group from multiple directions. As the combatants filled into the tight corridors, Dawn’s Herald grasped his holy symbol and unleashed a mighty blast of divine light which seared the Goblins and bolstered his comrades. Emboldened by the might of Anor, his companions felled the last Goblin and explored the rest of the 2nd level. The group found a note on a table which read…

Balgron – No additional forces can be sent. Waste no more lives entering the mine, only attempt to clear the remainder of the tower if you can guarantee no more losses. You were foolish to attemnpt the mine before you secured your base, you shall not disappoint me again – Belig

(in a different hand) Die… By my hand

Also on the second floor, the group discovered a shrine to Moradin, god of the anvil, forger of life, and most loved of the Dwarves. The group noted with anger how the foul Goblins had defaced the likeness of the god. Swearing revenge on those who would gleefully sabotage the holy place of one of the Valenor, the group made their way up another set of stairs.

Coming to the 3rd floor, the group was greeted by an unexpected site. The twisted remains of some large metal statue lay at the top of the stairs, along with the bloody remains of a Goblin. Other than a pair of stairs leading up and three balconies with fantastic views of the surround landscape, the level was bare.

The group decided to split up while going up the stairs. Frunc lead the way as party scout, fleeting from shadow to shadow while making no more sound than a whisper. Bezo and Dawn’s Herald stood guard at one stairway as Sib and Aelar took the other. Frunc scouted around the 4th floor until he triggered a trap! Stone walls fell away to reveal strange stone statues brought to life. As the group struggled to deal with the stone constructs a foul wight slipped in from the shadows. This foul creature of undeath would attack the rear of the group and then fade back into shadows, only to strike again. Brave Sib took on the creature and locked its attention down with his fighter’s mark. A series of deadly spear traps in the floor of the room also managed to pierce Sib’s armor throughout the fight. Hanging onto the spark of life by but a single thread and blessed by the light of Anor, Sib was able to remain on his feet the entire battle. Finally, the group was able to fell the last foe and regroup. The group examine the body of the wight and wondered “Perhaps this was the last material remains of the mortal that had once been Balgron?”

Stairs going up to the 5th and top floor of the Tor yielded yet another unexpected find. A mysterious vessel, glowing with obvious Arcane power lay in the center of the room. The vessel had but a single large keyhole, but none of the keys the group had found would fit the hole. As the eager Frunc eyed the keyhole, the group noticed a pair of boot prints that had been charred into the very stone floor just in front of the key hold. Crumpled against the opposite wall was a decayed and burned body still wearing armor and weapons. Troubled by the obvious power of the vessel and by what appeared to be the remains of the last unfortunate soul to try and open it, the group wisely decided to leave it be and make their way back to Highstead.

On the way back, the group went over what they had learned and what they had experienced. The journey back to Highstead was made without incident and the party once again reached the warm and safe confines of the Scarlet Bard tavern on the 6th of Coldeven.

Dawn’s Herald made the following map of the Tor: here

-Aranith Dawn’s Herald – Devoted Disciple of Anor

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