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Third Session – Valley of Caves

Since Rob was the first guy left out, I’m trying to get the next date to be one that works for him. It looks like he’d like to get a group together and maybe investigate the vale of caves. Right now it looks like we are planning on either the 19th or 20th. Chris can’t do the 19th, and as things stand the 20th won’t work for me. I’m trying to see if I can get the 20th freed up, but right now it doesn’t look open. Also since Ryan will not be there you’ll probably really want a new Leader Character to dish out some healing…

Guys, the first session went down good, if slow. Hopefully next time we keep it moving along at a better pace. My advice is to read your powers and make sure you understand them. When you make an attack, use your card and just read it off of there. It tells you everything you need to know, what stats, what bonuses, what keywords, etc. You guys all have less than 10 powers, so just make sure you know how they work and let me know if you’ve got any questions. Also, always be thinking about what you are going to do on your turn. You need to be thinking and talking about what you are going to do before it gets to your order. That way there are no surprises, and when it’s your turn you’re taking it, not wasting time while everyone else watches. Maybe pick one guy to help plan an overall attack, and trying to run ideas past him. You guys were getting a little better at this as the night went on, (going up both sides of the stairs, splitting up your defenders etc) so just keep thinking along those group lines and you’ll be good.

As for the next session, I’d like to try to get the other guys involved so I’ll probably see which of the 3 guys that didn’t make it last time can go and then open it up from there. But if any of you guys takes the initiative and plans up a night that works then you can do it however you’d like, no complaints from me. The more you take ownership the more control you’ve got… Might be a while till we get this next session in, but if that’s the case we can always work on planning a third session at the same time. Maybe get a few games in. As long as I have time to prepare I’ll be able to run sessions close together. I’ll try to get my available dates posted soon…


  • 09 Oct – Updated calendar page with dates from 1st session. Posted recap and summary of first session in forums.
  • 08 Oct – Check the Forum topics, lots to read there.
  • Oct – Many changes to the Wiki. Check out the calendar, and locations.
  • 28 Sept, Added a bucnch of Deities to the wiki, Check It Out and let me know if you’d like me to add any more for you.

About the Northern Wastes

The idea behind this campaign is open ended exploration of the wild lands north of the furthest reaches of civilization. Characters will form groups as needed and go in search of the unknown or tracking down various leads they uncover. Outside of the game sessions, people should use this site to undertake any and all actions in town, such as investigating or researching rumors, history, places of interests, etc, as well as all mundane tasks such as shopping or preparing for expeditions into the wilds.

The characters will all be based out of the town of Highstead. Within the town of Highstead is the Scarlet Bard tavern, where rumor holds years past several like minded adventurers would gather before and after making forays into the wild northlands, carving a tabletop in the back with a crude map of what they had found. These adventurers and the map they made are long gone, but the wilds and the legends persist, ready for a new group of adventurers to discover.

While Highstead is a safe and secure launching point, the lands to the north rapidly fall outside the limits of civilization. Civilization, trade, and safety all lie to the South, the north is dangerous and there are no warning signs posted. Your safety is your own responsibility and blindly wandering and ignoring signs of danger will end in death. It is entirely possible to wander into areas that you will not be able to handle until gaining experience, so knowing where you are going and being on the constant lookout for danger are both good ideas if you want to live to see Highstead again once you leave the safety of the city walls behind.

Hope that explains things enough to get everyone started, now we need to get some characters made, and date set to start, and we’ll get started….

The Northern Wastes

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